Hi, I'm Simon.

Simon Fletcher is a 24 year old British software engineer currently working with JavaScript at Minbox in San Francisco, CA.

Previously, he was a founder at Y Combinator funded Interstate (acquired by Stripe).

Welcome to my new blog!
April 27th 2016
export default function wakecodesleep() {
  return 'Welcome to my new blog!';

After turning off my blog several years ago, I've decided to create a new one as a place to share any thoughts that I have during the day, interesting snippets of code and useful links which I discover. I also decided to re-invent the wheel rather than use an existing platform such as Medium or Tumblr and instead built my own simple blogging tool.

The blog is rendered using React and I've created a small webpack plugin to compile each route down to a static HTML file. This makes it very easy to deploy the blog to a static host such as Amazon S3 (which I do automatically with a basic git push hook).

Each blog post is represented as a JavaScript file which makes adding new posts a breeze:

export default {
  created_at: new Date("2016-04-28T06:08:16.320Z"),
  content: "Hello world, welcome to my blog!",
  slug: "hello-world",
  title: "Hello world!"

The content of a post can either just be a string (which it is in most cases) or an array of different JS object types, such as a Promise which can be used to load dynamic content within a post (the blog will render a spinner until the Promise resolves).

I'll make the code public once I've tidied it up slightly — so if you're looking for a simple JavaScript blogging tool, check it out when it's ready!