Hi, I'm Simon.

Simon Fletcher is a 24 year old British software engineer currently working with JavaScript at Minbox in San Francisco, CA.

Previously, he was a founder at Y Combinator funded Interstate (acquired by Stripe).

create-dispatcher: A simple, minimal event dispatcher
May 8th 2016

There is a simple event dispatcher pattern which I often find myself reimplementing across different projects so I decided to extract out a common implementation in to a module: create-dispatcher.

The module exports a single function createDispatcher which, when called, returns three methods: destroy, dispatch and subscribe. In the most simplest use case, you can call subscribe with a function that will be called whenever events are dispatched with dispatch:

import createDispatcher from 'create-dispatcher';

const { dispatch, subscribe } = createDispatcher();

const unsubscribe = subscribe(::console.log); // {"type":"helllo"}

dispatch({ type: 'hello' });


You can install the module via npm install create-dispatch --save and the source code/documentation is available on GitHub at https://github.com/Simonify/create-dispatcher.