1. San Francisco.

  2. San Francisco, here we come!

    For the past couple of months, Greg and I have been planning to visit San Francisco around April/May time and yesterday we decided to book our flights and accommodation! We’ve both wanted to visit SF for around 3+ years now and it’s great that we’re finally getting to go!

    We’re leaving on April 19th and flying to Orlando, FL (from Birmingham International) and we’re going to be staying there until April 22nd so that we can visit our friend, Joshua Hays. We’ve known Josh for almost 2 years now (we all worked together on an old project called Klydo) but we’ve never met in person so we’re all super looking forward to finally getting to meetup!

    On April 22nd, we’re flying to San Francisco via LAX and we’ll be staying there until May 6th (which is when we fly back to BHX). We’ve decided to skip the conventional route of getting a hotel and instead we’ve booked a nice apartment in Potrero Hill (via airbnb - which by the way, was super easy once we found a place!) which is apparently close to the Mission district and SOMA which should be good!

    The apartment which we’re staying in looks to be a nice place and thankfully it has a good Internet connection so we’ll be able to do some work if needed and keep on top of emails/twitter/etc. It’s also obviously got a TV which Greg’s hoping has cable so that he can watch the last episodes of The Office (US) which have Steve Carrel in (before he leaves the show).

    The garden deck area at the apartment.

    This is the 7th place (Miami, Amsterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Kiev and now San Francisco) that I’ll have visited (outside of the UK) in the past year which is definitely a new record for me!

    I’ll probably be also taking a few photos/videos of the trip so to be sure to look out for that! :)

    P.S: If anyone lives in San Francisco/CA and fancies grabbing a Coffee let me know!

  3. I’m looking in to taking a 2 week (or longer) trip to San Francisco/California around July/August time next year with Greg Cooper. We’re thinking of booking a villa (with about 4+ bedrooms) rather than a hotel so if you fancy joining us post a comment or drop me an email (simon@wakcodesleep.com)!