1. interstateapp:

    One year ago, we wrote a blog post explaining Interstate’s stack and architecture after we were just two months in to development. Since then a lot has changed on both the product and business sides of Interstate (we’ve released 3 new major versions since then and we recently took part…

    A more recent look in to Interstate’s stack.

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  2. Working on the new Interstate Developers portal from our office/reception.

  3. awfy:

    After a small tweet from Jonno and a quick reply from me, it got me thinking about deadlines.

    Deadlines to me are the devil’s work (and I’m an atheist), they really don’t help when you want to create something truly amazing. Deadlines are exactly what they say they are, DEAD.

    Over at…


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  4. interstateapp:

    Philip Rosedale (SecondLife Founder) talks about being open when running your company. What better way to do this than sharing your development roadmaps with the world?

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  5. interstateapp:

    We’ve just pushed out an update to those BETA testing the third release of Interstate! The update includes most notably file sharing and roadmap exporting - two features which have been highly requested since we launched our original BETA last year. If you’re using the latest version of Interstate, go ahead - try out these new features now! (If you’re not using the new version then tweet us at @interstateapp with your Interstate subdomain and we’ll hook you up!). Check out the above video for a preview of how file sharing works within Interstate.

    Delicious HTML5 goodness.

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  6. interstateapp:

    Interstate has been in full-on development for just around 2 months now (and in private BETA for just over 1 month) and in that small amount of time we’ve had to make some pretty quick yet equally important choices when it comes to our site’s technical setup.

    We’ve had to decide things from…

    A short blog post I wrote a couple of months ago regarding Interstate’s development stack.

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