1. Anonymous said: Love the comment on how "White People" make the majority of welfare. First you need an English grammar book and look up where to properly place comma's. THEN, you should read a little more about whom it is exactly that makes up the MAJORITY of welfare. Please, show me empirical data supports your contention on this matter?? I would absolutely LOVE to hear it? Mr.... Smart guy :)

    Actually, you need to realize that just because someone designs a Tumblr theme and lets others use it for free, it doesn’t mean they have anything to do with nor are responsible for the blogs that said other people run.

    The only blog which I own and/or contribute to is my personal one - not any other blog that happens to use my free public theme.

  2. People waiting to enter a random Apple store on a regular Sunday. No other store in the shopping mall had people waiting outside. Apple certainly wins when it comes to retail.

  3. I got this in the mail today. A bill of $85 for “annual website search engine listing”. I really hate companies that do this to try to get money from people who don’t know any better.

  4. BakedCode’s office in SOMA, San Francisco, CA.

  5. Aziz is awesome.

  6. I was amazed this site didn’t already exist, so I made it myself.

  7. The shrine to Steve Jobs outside of the San Francisco Apple store.

  8. Greg and I went to LA last week. It was pretty, pretty pretty… pretty good.

  9. interstateapp:

    One year ago, we wrote a blog post explaining Interstate’s stack and architecture after we were just two months in to development. Since then a lot has changed on both the product and business sides of Interstate (we’ve released 3 new major versions since then and we recently took part…

    A more recent look in to Interstate’s stack.

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